Liquidity commission

AgoraDEX simplifies the fee structure compared to Uniswap by charging a commission only on the input tokens in a swap, effectively halving the fees paid per each swap.

For instance, if on Uniswap the liquidity fee on a trading pair was set at 0.3%, this would have been charged 0.3% on the input token and 0.3% on the output token, resulting in a total of 0.6% fee. On AgoraDEX, the 0.3% will be paid only on the input token swapped.

Project commission

Additionally, AgoraDEX introduces a project commission, calculated as a percentage of the liquidity commission.

For instance, if the liquidity commission is 0.5% and the project commission is set at 50%, then 0.25% stays in the pool and 0.25% is allocated to the project's wallet. This fee model is customizable per trading pair, enhancing flexibility and transparency for users.

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