Incubated by SwissBorg, Agora is building the ultimate arena for opportunities in Web3.

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“Agora aims to become the GameFi golden standard, opening various new and exciting possibilities in the space. Through Ultra’s frictionless, mainstream ready blockchain technology, Ultra and SwissBorg will enable Agora’s team to trailblaze the space by delivering players more value to their gaming experience”.

  • David Hanson, Co-CEO at Ultra

“For crypto mass adoption to happen, we need to move from a speculative space to a utility space, gaming will enable this transition to happen. We are proud to be part of Agora, a next generation GameFi hub based on UOS technology”.

  • Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux, Co-Founder at SwissBorg

“By merging the fundamental human drives of fun and aspiration, we're crafting a playground filled with endless opportunities - where countless Web3 enthusiasts, both veterans and newcomers, can have fun and significantly alter their financial landscape by winning big.

Now, we’re ready to unfold this vision, and we want you alongside us to write Web3 history together”

- Pierre de Viry, Agora Founder & CEO.

Welcome to Agora's dedicated GitBook, your gateway to understanding how our platform revolutionizes the Web3 gaming landscape.

Agora’s mission is simple and impactful: seamlessly bringing together gamers, developers, and investors on a single, unified platform that blends the thrill of gaming with the allure of financial opportunity. With this mission, Agora aims at becoming the ultimate Web3’s Opportunity Arena.

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