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The Agora ecosystem is a full package of products that facilitate the best gaming experience possible, while leveraging all the power of Web3.

By harnessing the capabilities of Ultra, Agora promises an unparalleled gaming experience within the Web3 sphere, ensuring a fluid transition for games, assets, and digital identities from the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to a superior gaming environment.

In summary, Agora's comprehensive suite of features makes it a conducive environment for GameFi projects to thrive. Its technology stack addresses the common challenges faced by such projects, including interoperability, liquidity, and efficient asset management, all while fostering community-driven dynamics, with an eco-system built bottom-up.

Agora aims at creating a GameFi Hub, which is a concept to combine the strong entertainment nature of traditional gaming, with the monetization capabilities of Web3. Here comes the combination of Gaming + Finance (GameFi).

Combining traditional gaming with the blockchain infrastructure comes with big challenges.

Most blockchain still struggle with scalability, and gaming is probably the most demanding realm in terms of scalability.

Speed is another major concern, still directly connected to scalability. Most blockchain can process tiny bits of data every 10 minutes, while gaming may require to process GB of data every few seconds.

Yet, once these challenges are overcome, the blockchain can offer incredible opportunities to the world of gaming.

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