Agora's technology enables game integration through its SDK, ensuring compatibility with Metamask and Web3Auth’s digital identities. This integration enables seamless in-game transactions and facilitates the trading of tokens earned in-game.

Here are the perks of integrating Agora’s SDK in your system:

Digital Identity Integration

Agora's technology enables games to seamlessly integrate Agora's SDK, ensuring compatibility with Metamask & Web3Auth's digital identities. This allows gamers to use their trusted digital identities for hassle-free in-game transactions and seamless authentication.

Liquidity Pool Access

Games employing Agora's technology can ensure that users have access to essential liquidity pools. This guarantees that gamers can trade in-game tokens with minimal slippage, providing a smoother and more efficient trading experience.

Secure Authentication

Agora's SDK enhances security by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) within games. This adds an extra layer of protection to gamers' digital identities, safeguarding their assets and transactions.

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