State Transition

Loot Boxes are NFTs that go through different states during the sale cycle:

  1. Unopened

  2. Gem / Golden Ticket

  3. Burned

This feature is achieved through State Transition. When the user buys a Loot Box, a new NFT is minted. From here, the NFT gets its initial "Unopened" stat. When the user decides to open Loot Box NFT, it either transitions to a "Gem" or "Golden Ticket" state, and finally to a "Burned" state once the reward is claimed. An intermediate "locked" state exists while awaiting random number generation.

The following scheme shows an example of Loot Box System at work:

In essence, each time a user buys a Loot Box, a new NFT is minted. Once the Loot Box is opened, this NFT is burn and a new one is minted to represent the new state.

Users might buy a Loot Box, and it will be immediately minted as a regular NFT and transferred to the user’s account.

An “unopened” Loot Box is transferable on any NFT marketplace, just like any regular NFT. Once “opened” though, it will get burned and thus, the Loot Box will no longer be sellable.

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