The Loot Box System is a highly configurable lottery game. By adjusting the balance, the same Loot Box can be launched as either a low-cost lottery with numerous small prizes or as a premium lottery offering guaranteed high-value prizes, or anything in between these two extremes.

The configurable parameters include:

  • Number of gems.

  • Probabilities associated with each gem.

  • Probability of obtaining a Golden Ticket.

  • Allocation of jackpot share and the proportion of income directed to the jackpot pool.

  • Required number of Golden Tickets for jackpot participation.

  • Types, blockchains, and quantities of ERC20 token prizes.

  • NFT collections and the blockchains where NFT prizes are issued.

  • Separate probability settings for each NFT.

Any configuration set might be simulated to ensure its correctness.

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