Agora’s Ecosystem Structure

Agora’s platform is formed by the following components:

  • GameFi Hub

  • Cross-chain DEX (AgoraDEX)

  • Loot Box System - Gamified Launchpad

  • Digital Identity

These key components are combined into a cohesive ecosystem.

  • The GameFi Hub serves as the core where game distribution and monetization happen.

  • AgoraDEX facilitates seamless token exchanges across blockchains, allowing the transfer of tokens and assets from any EVM compatible Web3 game.

  • The Loot Box System acts as a gamified launchpad, offering users exciting rewards and engaging interactions.

  • Last, but not least, Agora’s Digital Identity kit secures and personalizes user experiences, ensuring trust and transparency across all activities.

Together, these components empower a dynamic, interconnected gaming economy.

While Agora Loot Box is built for an EVM environment, AgoraDEX and the GameFi hub is powered by Ultra, a blockchain specifically designed for Web3 gaming.

By harnessing the capabilities of Ultra, Agora promises an unparalleled gaming experience within the Web3 sphere, ensuring a fluid transition for games, assets, and digital identities from the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to a superior gaming environment.

In summary, Agora's comprehensive suite of features makes it a conducive environment for GameFi projects to thrive. Its technology stack addresses the common challenges faced by such projects, including interoperability, liquidity, and efficient asset management, all while fostering community-driven dynamics, with an eco-system built bottom-up.

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