Agora’s essence is embedded by its finely designed Genesis NFT collection:

  • Minotaur

  • Medusa

  • Hydra

And our AI edition:

  • Cyclops


✦ Obtain a vested airdrop of Agora tokens equivalent to the NFT price (Based on the seed round price-0.04$).

✦ Consistent updates on the Agora ecosystems.

✦ Participate in IRL events via the Agora team, and build your own network within the ecosystem.

✦ Receive early access to the Gamefi-focused DEX, digital identity, and loot box.

✦ Obtain a boost on your fee rewards for your provided liquidity if you Stake your NFT. (only for Hydra, medusa and cyclops NFTs)

✦ Get 3 free tickets (equivalent to 10 USDC each) on our “Lootbox” (only for cyclops NFT)

These gems are shaped after the myths from Ancient Greece. They speak from the eons of time, resurfacing in the digital world with a captivating design.

Agora is the right place to launch your NFT collection through our Loot box and create the lore that your gaming project deserves.

You can find more information about these authentic pieces of digital art & utilities at:

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