Loot Box

  • Staking for Yield: Lock in your AGA tokens and watch your digital wealth grow. Benefit from a share of the loot box revenues as a reward for your commitment.

  • Staking for Exclusivity: Obtain access to limited edition Loot Boxes with premium, rare collections not available to the average user.

  • Discount on Purchases: Enjoy exclusive discounts on Loot Box purchases, making each transaction more rewarding.

  • Buy-Back & Burn: The Agora team periodically uses a portion of its profits or treasury to purchase AGA tokens from the open market. After the buy-back, the acquired tokens are ‘burned’, which means they are permanently removed from circulation.

  • Governance Rights: Have a voice in the future of Agora. Your stake in AGA tokens means a stake in decision-making processes.

Embrace the future with AGA tokens – where fun, fairness, and community lead the way to and entertainment and prosperity.

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